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Posted by 111122223188 - March 11th, 2012

i hate my life

Posted by 111122223188 - January 27th, 2012

i have left the kitty krew, possibly for good.
sorry newgrounds but they have got SO SHIT it is like a tv show that should run for 3 years but they force it on for 11 years instead of ending while its not a joke yet. its such a shame kitty krew will be remembered as 2011/12's embarassment instead of the krew that pwned Newgrounders and engaged in hilarious internet shit in 2006-10. I will not be a part of this creulty and I want WackyAnimation to just do the right thing and let it die.

Anyway, goodbye & remember me with this inappropriate image.

i have left the kk

Posted by 111122223188 - January 2nd, 2012

I have submitted my last flash. the glock group are coming for me.

Posted by 111122223188 - November 22nd, 2011

news doesnt work fuck you

Posted by 111122223188 - August 2nd, 2011

make sure to join the kitty krew
Or just watch some free porn movies!

Posted by 111122223188 - June 26th, 2011

ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 30 days. You have 26 days, 13 hours, 21 minutes and 16 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: Go choke on a dick bro. You were assed because you couldn't take a hint. Flash after flash deleted yet you continued your fuckery. For someone that hates NG so much you sure do spend a lot of your time here. -Poozy

Please read the BBS rules.

Good job poozy.

Posted by 111122223188 - June 7th, 2011

I accidentally asked for my account to be deleted.