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i have left the kk

2012-01-27 12:29:09 by 111122223188

i have left the kitty krew, possibly for good.
sorry newgrounds but they have got SO SHIT it is like a tv show that should run for 3 years but they force it on for 11 years instead of ending while its not a joke yet. its such a shame kitty krew will be remembered as 2011/12's embarassment instead of the krew that pwned Newgrounders and engaged in hilarious internet shit in 2006-10. I will not be a part of this creulty and I want WackyAnimation to just do the right thing and let it die.

Anyway, goodbye & remember me with this inappropriate image.

i have left the kk


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2012-01-30 04:31:32

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooool


2012-02-12 16:45:29



2012-02-20 16:22:36

omg AGAIN wow


2012-02-26 13:08:29

Bold words for someone who submitted a spammy KK flash today.

111122223188 responds:

internet masters rejected me