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another great piece, theres loads of quality animation's. iw ould have voted 5 but theres too many dicks so i gave it a 4

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KittyKrew responds:

If anything, there weren't enough dicks.

the kitten looks like a sperm because of its tail
but it was still a cute kitten ^-^


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KittyKrew responds:

don't hide your true feelings

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good game

Very competantly made, the controls worked and it didn't crash. The controls were mainly good controls too and not random buttons, the start button could have been clickable though - that was slightly confusing. It's nice to see a game that isn't about kissing but making sure the old man doesn't watch you! The graphics were detailed but I found them too small and it was hard to see what was happening. It could have done with a story too. But overall quite good so 8/10

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"especially not with dictators :)"

you know they actually like him...

Anyway it is very simple in terms of gameplay; all you do is shoot at 45 degrees. Thousands of very similar games have been made so if you're going to do essentially the same as a lot of other games it shoud have good content in other areas. It didn't. I don't know what your computer can do but mine can display 32 colours and like... a lot of pixels. Why should I play a game with beeping and huge squares for a picture? 3/10 for doing it competantly but I can't give you any more because I have played basically this game many times before.

Kenney responds:

It's called nostalgia, but you wouldn't know.


It is very confusing when the bullets don't go forwards. A better way of aiming would be a very good idea for your next game. I think you should get Flash to make more games, you can get it for free by getting a cracked copy. The picture of the player was terrible and didn't fit the pictures of the zombies and the bullet was much too big.

You probably just need to practise and get a better program than the Games Factory to make better games, but this one was crap. 2/10

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poser you do not have my animating skills like i do

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